Paint.NET now supports a 'shapes' feature. Thanks to some very talented people at the forum, there is a 'shapes plugin' that can be added so you can make your very own shapes! That plugin can be found here .

I've made a large shapes pack of my own and preview images are posted below. My shapes pack can be found here .  Simply download it and click the installer exe. You can choose to install a few or all of them. I hope you enjoy them!
Add #1 Shapes Pack can be downloaded here .

  1. Nature Pack
    Nature Pack
  2. Halloween Pack
    Halloween Pack
  3. Food Pack
    Food Pack
  4. Faceted Gemstone Pack
    Faceted Gemstone Pack
  5. US States Pack
    US States Pack
  6. Music Pack
    Music Pack
  7. Stained Glass Pack
    Stained Glass Pack
  8. Equine Bliss Pack
    Equine Bliss Pack
  9. Flower Pack
    Flower Pack
  10. Thanksgiving Pack
    Thanksgiving Pack
  11. Sun & Fun Pack
    Sun & Fun Pack
  12. Superheroes Pack
    Superheroes Pack
  13. Christmas Pack
    Christmas Pack
  14. Add #1 Shapes Pack
    Add #1 Shapes Pack

Here are some examples of what you can do with the shapes.

  1. Blood-Dripping Tombstone
    Blood-Dripping Tombstone
  2. Cheesecake
  3. The United States
    The United States
  4. Music Anyone?
    Music Anyone?
  5. Flowers Galore
    Flowers Galore
  6. Beachside
  7. Superheroes
  8. Doves in a Heart
    Doves in a Heart
  9. Black Diamond
    Black Diamond
  10. Halloween Black Cat
    Halloween Black Cat
  11. DOD Mask
    DOD Mask
  12. Halloween Candy
    Halloween Candy
  13. Palm Tree
    Palm Tree
  14. Christmas Wreath
    Christmas Wreath
  15. Cornucopia
  16. Fall Wreath
    Fall Wreath
  17. Candy Canes
    Candy Canes
  18. Angel
  19. Gingerbread Man Cookie
    Gingerbread Man Cookie
  20. Santa's Sleigh
    Santa's Sleigh
  21. Winged Horses
    Winged Horses
  22. Bat
  23. Heart Balloons
    Heart Balloons
  24. Flamingos
  25. Dove

I've written three tutorials that are posted on the PDN website. I hope you enjoy them.