Please see the gallery below for some of my PDN artwork. 

  1. Star Birth
    Star Birth
  2. Oil painting on canvas
    Oil painting on canvas
  3. Dragonfly
  4. Easter Basket
    Easter Basket
  5. Plastic Suncatcher
    Plastic Suncatcher
  6. Cat Panel
    Cat Panel
  7. King of the Underworld
    King of the Underworld
  8. Enameled Peacock
    Enameled Peacock
  9. Snoopy Vanlentine
    Snoopy Vanlentine
  10. Merry Christmas 2016
    Merry Christmas 2016
  11. Ice  Goddess
    Ice Goddess
  12. Stained Glass Abstract 1
    Stained Glass Abstract 1
  13. Stained Glass Abstract 2
    Stained Glass Abstract 2
  14. Carnivale
  15. Maiden's Shield
    Maiden's Shield
  16. Tapestry Flower
    Tapestry Flower
  17. Autumn Leaves
    Autumn Leaves
  18. Waterlily
  19. Tulips
  20. Aquarium with Angelfish
    Aquarium with Angelfish
  21. Aquarium with Angelfish
    Aquarium with Angelfish
  22. Mystical Pearl Lotus
    Mystical Pearl Lotus
  23. Stained Glass Butterfly
    Stained Glass Butterfly
  24. Textured Stained Glass Guitar
    Textured Stained Glass Guitar
  25. Peacock Displaying
    Peacock Displaying
  26. Horse Portrait
    Horse Portrait
  27. Happy Easter
    Happy Easter
  28. Purple Haze
    Purple Haze
  29. Self-Portrait
  30. Stained Glass Owl
    Stained Glass Owl
  31. Stained Glass Flower
    Stained Glass Flower
  32. Stained Glass Hummingbird
    Stained Glass Hummingbird
  33. Be My Valentine
    Be My Valentine
  34. Merry Christmas PDN Users
    Merry Christmas PDN Users
  35. Christmas Snowglobe
    Christmas Snowglobe
  36. Christmas Snowglobe
    Christmas Snowglobe
  37. Christmas Cookies
    Christmas Cookies
  38. Easter Cross
    Easter Cross
  39. Stained Glass Turtle
    Stained Glass Turtle
  40. Stained Glass Waterlily
    Stained Glass Waterlily
  41. Glassy Hearts
    Glassy Hearts
  42. Flower Petals
    Flower Petals
  43. Stained Glass Rose
    Stained Glass Rose
  44. Perfume Bottle
    Perfume Bottle
  45. Flowers in Abstract
    Flowers in Abstract
  46. Color Sketch Flowers
    Color Sketch Flowers
  47. Pear-Cut Diamond
    Pear-Cut Diamond
  48. Soft Metallic Gem
    Soft Metallic Gem
  49. Caged Black Diamond
    Caged Black Diamond
  50. Opal
  51. Jewel
  52. Amethyst Brooch
    Amethyst Brooch
  53. Artsy Flower
    Artsy Flower
  54. Jigsaw Roses
    Jigsaw Roses
  55. Desert Fresh
    Desert Fresh
  56. Clipwarp Shiny Text
    Clipwarp Shiny Text
  57. Colored Glass Text
    Colored Glass Text
  58. Transparent Glassy Text
    Transparent Glassy Text
  59. Spiderman Text
    Spiderman Text
  60. Monolithic 3D Text
    Monolithic 3D Text
  61. Vinyl Record
    Vinyl Record
  62. Fancy Grape Droplets
    Fancy Grape Droplets
  63. Cat in a Glass Pane
    Cat in a Glass Pane
  64. Bling Text
    Bling Text
  65. Green Glossy Ball
    Green Glossy Ball
  66. Thinking of You
    Thinking of You
  67. Flower in Ice Cube
    Flower in Ice Cube
  68. Viking Helmet
    Viking Helmet
  69. Jet Turbine
    Jet Turbine
  70. Scratch Art - Fallingwater
    Scratch Art - Fallingwater
  71. Scratch Art
    Scratch Art
  72. Princess Tiana
    Princess Tiana
  73. Gold Text
    Gold Text
  74. Gemstone Text
    Gemstone Text
  75. Cat Serenade
    Cat Serenade
  76. Pearls 'n Roses
    Pearls 'n Roses
  77. Votive Candleholder
    Votive Candleholder
  78. Goblet
  79. Cocktail Glass
    Cocktail Glass
  80. Abstract in Purple
    Abstract in Purple
  81. Waterlily
  82. Bubbled Stained Glass
    Bubbled Stained Glass
  83. Happy Halloween 2017
    Happy Halloween 2017
  84. Vase  of Tulips
    Vase of Tulips